New steel roof support technologies

Strata Worldwide introduces two new roof support systems to the Australian mining market. Telescoping designs provide easy installation and pre-stressing …

Atlas Copco power technique

A truly reliable compressor must be capable of operating in the harshest conditions for extended periods of time.

Harnessing the benefits of Edge AI in mining

As the Australian mining sector attempts to manage current global challenges, it is heavily relying on edge AI technology to …

Reducing cost and emissions for a mine operation using a virtual pipeline solution

Labyrinth Resources needed power for a 5-month gold mining exploration project. Due to the remote location, there is no grid …

Improve asset performance in mineral processing

Many factors go into running a successful mining operation. There are intangible ones like cybersecurity, cloud-based data and worker satisfaction. …

SmartBolts: Predictive maintenance made simple

When we talk about predictive maintenance technologies, we often think of digitally driven condition monitoring systems, machine learning and cloud …

Start something big with Hastings Deering careers

Hastings Deering is looking for a range of trade-qualified technicians to join its team. If you’re ready for a change …

NEW: Welding Fume – Engineering Controls campaign launches!

To educate welders and employers alike about the LEV options available, AWS has created a new brochure that applies the …

Mining 4.0: How do we get there in Australia?

It’s no longer a question as to whether Australian miners are ready for the fourth industrial revolution. It’s here. Instead, …

Cooling a 150-year-old copper mine in NSW

As the 150-year-old CSA Mine in Cobar continued to develop underground, there was a greater demand on the mine’s ventilation …

Altra Motion targets the Hunter region with their Twiflex Dragline brakes

Power transmission specialist Altra Industrial Motion has developed the next generation of its Twiflex dragline brakes package.

The difference is Differential

Refined precision enhances the integrity of drill and blast operations and is a key enabler for autonomous blast hole loading.

HydroBond: Dust suppression for revegetation

Australian companies operating in the mining, civil and infrastructure, energy, defence, and rail industries are working with environmental solutions providers …

An intelligent lubrication system that combines predictive maintenance with lubrication automation

As industries move into the future, reliable and intelligent lubrication solutions are a must to get the uptime in which …

GET Trakka stops costly crusher events

A uranium mine in Namibia was experiencing costly and risky crusher events caused by broken GET. They had previously trialled …

Vocus Connectivity 4.0: the new business imperative

Connectivity 4.0 is paving the way towards high-speed, low-latency applications like autonomous vehicles and widespread sensor networks.

Artificial Intelligence machine vision systems

Strata SafeSITE HazardAI sensors are intelligent, machine-mounted vision systems that employ edge computing and advanced Deep Neural Networks to prevent …

Heat waves become a wake-up call for Atlas Copco

This summer’s high temperatures, droughts and wildfires are underlining the reality of climate change. Atlas Copco Power Technique Australia must …

Australian miner reaps benefits of reliable monitoring for their stacker/reclaimer

SKF has been working with an Australian iron ore miner to optimise its approach to slewing bearing condition monitoring for …

Concentrate and tailings dewatering for base and precious metal

Australia has the world’s largest economic resources of a variety of base and precious metals. The greatest challenge in Base …

How enterprise visualization interface solutions accelerate digital transformation

Internet-driven technologies have transformed the way manufacturers and processors consume information. PCs, tablets and smartphones have led to multiple options …

Respiratory protection for silica

Silica is a naturally occurring mineral consisting of oxygen and silicon (silicon dioxide) and is present in most rocks and …

Heavy-duty conveyor system essentials eLearning course

Flexco Essentials™ is a brand new six-part online course that focuses on the essentials of the heavy-duty conveyor system.

Save millions by avoiding unplanned downtime

Double your bearing’s service life and extend the relubrication intervals by eight times. Find out how this iron ore mine …

Smart collision avoidance with HxGN MineProtect CAS

Collision Avoidance Systems are becoming the standard in improving safety for vehicle operators and site personnel in mining operations.

The importance of centrifugal pumps

High Head centrifugal pumps are very important in mines. The mine water needs to be pumped to the surface with …

Repair abrasion damage in critical equipment

Damage from abrasion and erosion can lead to increased downtime and decreased efficiency which results in reduced equipment life.

Learn the Benefits of Digital Document and Records Management

Document and records management is one of the most critical business processes in any capital project.

Watch the webinar: Nailing the ‘S’ in ESG with internet connectivity

Watch this webinar hosted by Australian Mining with panellists from MACA, Vocus, Challenge Networks and Nokia on how strong internet …

Restore the full useful life of bearings

With SKF Remanufacturing, you can extend the service life of your bearings at a lower cost and with minimised lead …

The future of hydrogen in Australia’s resources sector: Unlocking automation for a greener industry

Set to be a leading zero-emissions fuel alternative, hydrogen is at the threshold of becoming an industrial-scale reality. The Australian …

Communications solutions for mining

Excellence is at the core of every mining operation, whether that is maximising the efficiency and output from the mine …

Pre-packaged smarts: How to get your factory industry 4.0 ready with a simple, modular solution

Dave Delany likens the process of digitalising a factory or plant to that of a kitchen pantry. The pantry may …

Repair abrasion damage in critical equipment

Damage from abrasion and erosion can lead to increased downtime and decreased efficiency which results in reduced equipment life.

Automation through Edge AI – the future of mining

AI is becoming increasingly important for mining companies to remain competitive. Edge computing is the backbone of Artificial Intelligence.

Portable air tensioning system reduces carryback at iron ore mine

The confined location of the chute put technicians’ safety at risk when routine belt cleaner tension adjustments were required, therefore …

The role of Edge AI in mining

Edge AI is transforming the mining landscape. It allows businesses to sensor huge amounts of data and make informed decisions. …

Storm-proof stand for heavy equipment

When storms throw themselves against the coast and the surf crashes on quay walls and jetties, the rail brakes and …

The 7 essentials of contract management software

Learn the seven must-have features you should look for when considering contract management software for your mining projects. Read more …

Emission-free compressor assists rock stabilisation works in Bastei’s national park

Imagine a fairytale bridge, nested in a spectacular rock formation of a nature reserve in Saxony, Germany. This is the …

RoadBond: Dust suppression for unsealed road surfaces

Organisations are responsible for maintaining worksite safety by controlling the impact of loose dust particles on the health of workers …

Case study: Haul road dust control for iron ore mines

The Pilbara is located in the north of the state, bordered by the Indian Ocean to the west and extending …

Driving down conveyor maintenance costs with IoT vibrational detection

An early warning detection from a new belt cleaning monitoring technology proved to be the difference between an inconvenient belt …

AGC 3.0 – The next step in crushing circuit process automation

Why the need for real time gap control and optimisation of crusher circuits?

How are you monitoring your tailings dam?

Although the number of tailings dam failures have generally fallen since the 1960s, the scale and increased capacity of modern …

Unlock connectivity and imagination with future-proof infrastructure

From below the sea to beyond the sky, connectivity has come leaps and bounds in recent years. Cloud computing has …

Making protection personal to achieve zero harm

Zero harm to people should not be the goal of a mining operation – it should be the minimum safety …

Start something big with a Hastings Deering career

Hastings Deering are looking for a range of trade-qualified technicians to join the team. If you’re ready for a change …

Accelerate transformational outcomes with Industrial software as a service

Learn how Industrial SaaS reduces risk, accelerates results, and allows you to focus on differential outcomes.

Reckless to wreck less: Collision Avoidance Systems

Collision Avoidance Systems improve safety for operators of heavy and light vehicles in mining operations. Modern collision avoidance safety solutions …

Choosing the right project solution set

The debate persists as to which helps your organisation complete capital projects on time and on budget. Point solutions or …

Aggregate operation avoids safety fines with a new belt cleaner

Maintaining a clean belt is one of the most important factors in the overall efficiency, profitability, and safety of a …

Webinar: The future of rail is clean

Given that traditional power technologies used in the rail industry are no longer viable solutions for achieving net zero emissions, …

Critical protection against electric arc

The occurrence of an arc flash is a serious fault within a power system. Its destructive impact can lead to …

Quadshore: The world-leading lightweight heavy duty propping solution for temporary construction works

Australia’s construction and infrastructure industries rely on temporary works systems such as propping solutions to perform essential work. However, conventional …

The next evolution in sprag-type backstop technology

Altra Motion has developed a new Marland brand Sprag-type backstop designed to provide high-quality performance at a competitive price point.

VHF TETRA now available to enhance mining communications

Sepura’s new VHF TETRA solution combines the reliability and security of TETRA with the powerful audio processing of the SC Series radios. Now …

PPE doesn’t “fit” everyone the same way

Are you purchasing PPE for your employees? Do you know if they are being correctly fitted every time they are …

Secure, control and scale your internet and cloud traffic with Vocus

If your company is operating across remote sites and moving heavy workloads to the cloud, then it is time to …

Electric mobile air compressors help Mexican manganese miners

One of the world’s largest manganese producers Mexico’s Autlán needs compressed air for its production. The solution? Atlas Copco’s E-Air …

Edge AI Powering the Future of Mining

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the mining industry. As the landscape grows competitive, mining companies are adopting edge computing to gain …

Why you should (and shouldn’t) be skiving your belts

When it comes time for conveyor belt repair, the most important part of the process is often the most overlooked …

The ultimate guide to employee benefits for the mining sector

Talent is a priority for every organisation in Australia, and mining is no exception.

Achieving increased productivity and lower total cost of ownership in the Alumina Industry

The refining of alumina from bauxite is the first step in the production of aluminium and requires great effort in …

Introducing LINATEX® LOCTITE® – LINA 88™ Adhesive Range: Solvent-Free Rubber Bonding Solution

A wide range of processing equipment in mining requires rubber lining to reduce wear, abrasion, shock or corrosion and extend wear life of …

Ten reasons why going electric benefits your business

Why go electric? With sustainability goals taking priority for mining companies, all industries play an important role in cutting carbon …

The world’s first e+ cooling system

A cooling system is more than the sum of its parts. With this in mind, Rittal has bundled their innovative …

Sustainable revegetation for mine site rehabilitation

Mine site rehabilitation is a legal obligation for all mining projects in Australia, but is also an activity whereby the …

Belt cleaner monitoring technology trial prevents a $37,000 belt replacement

Being able to detect a problem on a conveyor belt from the seat of a desk is now the reality …

Emergency preparedness for miner safety

When emergency strikes and miners underground are unable to escape, it is critical to provide them with a sustained source …

Weld, cut, heat: How ArcReach technology is sparking the future of mining

Welding can be a risky occupation that requires welders to manoeuvre around high heat applications in often precarious conditions, while …

Digital trends and digging for value in data

Focusing on its top challenges for 2022 and beyond, the mining industry is driving innovation and digital transformation to address …

A new and improved practical guide to welding fume control

This Practical Guide to Welding Fume Control gives workplaces clear and practical advice that can help to keep welding fume …

The future of mining is safer, smarter and sustainable

Mining, one of the oldest industries on planet earth, is now thinking about the future. The business of mining is …

Mining collapses: Be alert, not alarmed

Geotechnical practitioners need to monitor and forecast a collapse to minimise the risk of injury and damage to employees, equipment, …

Maximizing profits with fragmentation analysis

The goal of any business is to maximize profits by optimizing resources, processes and technology. This is especially true in …

Remote real-time IIoT solution: Altra Motion-Svendborg Brakes Universal Control Case

The Altra Motion-Svendborg Brakes UCcase is a portable IIOT tool leased to customers either REMOTELY or in consultation with a …

Electric mobile air compressors with VSD technology

Every now and then, an innovation comes along that changes the industry. Atlas Copco’s range of E-Air VSD compressor range …

Aggreko powers smooth energy transition

Far from its Glasgow head office and the COP26 conference halls, Aggreko has been embarking on a new phase of …

Vocus: Not all SD WAN offerings are created equal

SD WAN (software-defined wide area networks) can deliver exceptional networking benefits including better application performance and user experiences, more reliable …

A premium quality staple system for mining

It’s not uncommon to think if the fasteners are holding the belt together and the material is moving along, the …

Vent raise hazard monitoring at Northparkes block cave mine

CMOC’s Northparkes mine is one of Australia’s largest copper producers. After completing a ventilation upgrade, the condition of two ventilation …

Case study: Tunnelling operations dust control

Global Road Technology has developed an efficient dust management strategy for a client as part of the Cross River Rail …

Cummins powers lowest cost of production

Hidden in the frame of a massive mining machine, a 60-litre V16 diesel engine rated at 2500hp may not appear …

COVID-19 sharpens focus on component life

With COVID-19 impacting the ability of mining operators to access service and parts, equipment reliability has never been more important, …

Extra power to cool deep mine shafts

A Canadian mining site has deep-shaft mines which go almost 10,000 feet below the surface. As you get further down, …

Environmental Technology in Sustainability Report: Australian Mining Industry Survey Results

In the final quarter of 2021, Australian Mining readers were asked to participate in an industry-first survey. The Environmental Technology …

Industry-leading industrial coupling brands

For over 150 Years, Altra Motion has offered the largest selection of industrial couplings available from a single source WORLDWIDE.

RINGSPANN Germany is a one-stop supplier for industrial brakes

RINGSPANN brakes are deployed as stopping, control and holding systems in turbine, ventilator and fan industries, machine tool construction, winch …

Solid-liquid separation solutions in the coal preparation plant

Dewatering of fine clean coal and tailings slurry is one of the most important processes undertaken when beneficiating and dewatering …

Introducing Translas on-gun fume extraction: Game changing technology

On-gun fume extraction is too heavy, too bulky, and can impact the shielding gas… not anymore!

A long-lasting staple fastening system hits the market

Say goodbye to splice failure and belt wastage as a new staple fastening system enters the Australian mining industry.

Why are valuable assets going up in flames and placing lives at risk?

We are told that everything is being improved all the time. So why are unexpected fires and ‘thermal incidents’ still …

The Speedglas Powered Air Training Academy (SPATA)

The Speedglas Powered Air Training Academy (SPATA) has launched in Australia and New Zealand to provide workplaces with a set …

Vulco R67 mill lining rubber compound: the liner that lasts longer

The Vulco R67 mill lining rubber compound from Weir Minerals is a complete game-changer.

Flexco Elevate prevents $250k belt replacement at mining operation

This case study unveils the benefits of real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance found from the results of a trial at a renowned mine.  

Hunter Valley tailings storage facility dust suppression

Dust suppression maintenance for a Tailings Storage Facility in the Hunter Valley occurred in December 2021.

Mining for efficiency in heavy industry

This white paper discusses the pain points faced by industry around a maintenance event and expert advice as to how businesses in this sector can address them.

Compare: Trinity F90+ and WingtraOne VTOL drones

In a 28-page comparison report, all aspects of these two leading VTOL survey drones are put through their paces.

Mining’s mission to net-zero

The mining industry is undergoing a meaningful energy transition – from traditionally relying on diesel for power generation to moving …

Workflow automation for safer, more productive mining operations

Integrate the reliability of radio with the versatility of commercial and private LTE with TAIT AXIOM. It’s more than a …

Keeping your machinery and equipment at 100 per cent

In the fast-paced world of mining, manufacturing and infrastructure, all equipment needs to operate at peak capacity to sustain the …

Maximise the value of your PI System™ data using Predictive Analytics

With the latest advancements in technology – increased computing power, and the reduction in sensor and data storage costs – …

CR Wheel Loader Solutions

Level up your Wheel Loader with a tailored solution for your application.

GEHO – Your first choice for high efficiency abrasive slurry pumping

With the ability to handle slurry concentrates of up to 85 per cent and temperatures over 200° Celsius, while maintaining …

Case study: Haul road dust control

Learn how issues associated with a dusty haul road were solved to help make the client more environmentally and economically sustainable.

The Power of One partner for your mining solutions

Hexagon has introduced a holistic, life-of-mine smart solution connecting sensors and software, infield apps and cloudware to empower digital transformation.

SMARTLINK: The digital connection to your mining compressors

With access to SMARTLINK, you can see all the service health, energy and uptime statuses of your compressed air systems …

Safe, productive, efficient, private LTE

Nokia’s LTE technology provides exceptional coverage, robust security, and high-speed connectivity for industrial mine-site. Above and below ground.

Connect and protect your business for the future of work

The rapid transformation of the workplace in the last two years has come with a variety of impacts on company …

Flexco Elevate saves $51k in annual labour at mining operation

Preventing belt conveyor failure or unexpected downtime is critical. Time is money, and knowing exactly when and where to deploy maintenance resources can save you both.

FleXedrive: saving time and setting new standards

In a world that seems to be constantly speeding up, heavy industries like mining are subject to rapid fluctuations in …

Benefits of extreme rugged computing in mining

Backplane Systems Technology focuses on facilitating best practices in mining through innovative technology. Hence we have introduced the SEMIL Series, …

Trimble Advancements in OEM GNSS Technology

Trimble’s GNSS product portfolio continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible for precise positioning performance, reliability and availability.

GEHO® Piston Diaphragm Pumps sustainably all day

The lifeblood of your mine relies on the healthiest of hearts. GEHO® pumps all day every day, in the most …

Fire Forensics investigate marijuana grow house fire

An illegal wiring installed in a house set up to grow marijuana caught fire.

ZenergiZe: Clean and quiet energy, optimal performance

The new ZenergiZe range from Atlas Copco takes modular energy storage to a new level.

Growthbuilt’s pandemic response keeps them ahead of the curve

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the NSW Government placed regulatory restrictions on building companies and how they had to operate, including …

Mill lining rubber compound is revolutionising operations

Vulco rubber is renowned throughout the mining industry for its exceptional wear life and reliability in mill lining systems.

Aggreko releases top energy trends for guiding miners to net zero

With decarbonisation at the forefront of miners’ agendas, the world’s leading provider of mobile and modular power solutions, Aggreko, has released its top tips to help miners decarbonise now and into the future.

Ground support design cycle: An approach to increase safety and efficiency

Epiroc provides an overview of its approach to the ground support design cycle to increase safety and efficiency in challenging conditions.

A brighter future with Gen3 mobile mine series lighting towers

Efficient lighting towers are a crucial aspect of all mining operations. The lighting towers must function at peak capacity through …

Protect your equipment against severe wet abrasion

Wearing compounds are polymer composite products that combine superior wear resistant abrasive ceramic fillers with high adhesion impacting two-part epoxy …

Safe, rapid geotechnical data capture in high stress environments

Kidd Operations, an ultra-deep base metal mine in Ontario Canada, operates at depths below 3000 m.

Beyond traditional plant optimisation with Honeywell

Honeywell has helped large-scale mining operation located in Chile, owned by a top five Base Metals global leader, to increase its productivity using machine learning. 

Efficient priming with AllightSykes anti-spit technology

AllightSykes’ compressor priming system allows customers to dry prime their pump, without the need to manually fill the suction line or use a wet prime tank.

Double the flexibility, twice the power

We understand your need for power, but do your power needs ever change? The QAC TwinPower is a 20-foot containerised …

Inflatable ventilation control

Fast, cost effective ventilation control options are in high demand with underground mines trying to reduce the load on ventilation fans and power consumption. 

Remote Industrial Maintenance

Decades from now, historians will study the social, economic and financial impact of the early 2020’s. Unfortunately, without the luxury …

Reliable concentrate sampling

MIRS Robotic Sampler was implemented at Impala Terminals, the world’s largest roofed mining export terminal located in Callao, Lima, Peru, …

A new approach to digital mining: Honeywell Forge

The Mining, Minerals, and Metals industry is evolving. Tech disruption, a changing workforce, and shifting societies are leading the industry to innovate and adapt.

The smart mine blueprint

The modern mining industry is facing increased demands for safety and the need to decarbonise operations. They must contain the …

SIMEC Mining revamps radio communication and safety

SIMEC Mining owns and operates iron ore mines in South Australia, including the Iron Baron, Iron Knob and South Middleback …

Reliable Starter Sheet Stripping Machine: Safety First

MIRS Robotic Starter Sheet Stripping Machine was implemented in ASARCO Amarillo Refinery, located in Amarillo, Texas – USA. This innovative …

Beyond compliance: A roadmap for enhancing EHS management

SAI360’s guide goes beyond enhancing environment, health and safety management by addressing essential considerations, barriers and practical approaches to EHS risk management.

Mining giant embraces cloud to secure future profitability

For one of Australia’s largest coal producers, rapid business growth coupled with ageing IT infrastructure was putting significant pressure on …

Defeat downtime with CoreTech nylon rollers

Learn how a high production mine in NSW reduced roller failure, decreased downtime and increased productivity with CoreTech Nylon Rollers

Digitising inspection rounds in mining

Download this whitepaper to learn how the mining industry will transition from paper-based inspections.

Achieve higher levels of safety, profitability, agility and efficiency with the digital mine

Download this whitepaper to read examples of how metals and mining companies are deriving value by applying prescriptive maintenance solutions to equipment throughout the value chain.

SKF Digital Solution for Slew Bearing Condition Monitoring

Stacker and reclaimers play a critical role in Australian iron ore operations, helping to shift thousands of tonnes of material …

Vocus launches cloud-based calling in a single collaboration platform

Demand for unified communication and collaboration services has grown incredibly over the last 18 months as a result of organisations …

Laminated bus plate technology revolutionizes energy distribution

Energy consumption has already for some time been disrupted by increasingly higher energy demands. Globally, the need for electrical energy …

The need for extreme rugged computing in mining

Explore the future of technology in mining, which starts with the SEMIL Series, an IP67-rated MIL-STD-810G and EN50155 certified extreme rugged computer suitable for the harsh Australian mining environment.

Four dimensions to assessing construction scheduling and risk maturity

Instead of dealing with project challenges one at a time and always looking at the rare best-case scenarios, construction organisations are now using digital technology for planning, scheduling and risk analytics that are proven to work in the real world.

Remote inspection 3000m below surface of Glencore’s Kidd Operations

With high ground stress and constant deformation, optimising the performance of Glencore’s stopes relies on accurate geotechnical data captured by autonomous Hovermap flights.

Five innovative approaches to resource sustainability

This eGuide from Schneider Electric will show that sustainability in mining, minerals and metals is already being achieved and even full decarbonisation is possible.

Altra Motion’s Universal Control Case: A remote real-time IIOT solution

Altra Motion’s latest edition to its engineered product and service offering is the Universal Control Case (UCcase) by its brand, …

Beating corrosion problems

One of the many benefits of using HDPE conveyor guarding instead of traditional steel is its excellent resistance to corrosion and rust.

Powering the mining industry with reliable solutions

IPD is powering the mining industry with their latest range of 1000V products that are specifically designed to withstand the …

Evolution optimises its narrow-vein stopes with Emesent Hovermap

Narrow vein mining methods have been used for centuries, but they are now harnessing new technology to reduce dilution and improve recovery and safety.

The road to decarbonisation in mining

The Australian mining sector has shown true leadership by committing to net zero emissions goals to meet the pressing 2050 …

Pegasus and Yancoal team up to build a world-leading workplace compliance solution

The mining industry is heavily regulated to ensure the safety and security of its workers. It means businesses like Yancoal, …

The threefold effects of autonomous technology

This whitepaper from Neousys Technology describes the threefold effects of artificial technology on the mining industry and mining vehicles.

Evolution optimises its narrow-vein stopes with Emesent Hovermap

Narrow vein operations, like Evolution’s Mungari gold mine, are harnessing new technologies to reduce dilution and improve recovery and safety.

LaserBond E-Clad is an E-volutionary Alternative to Hard Chrome Plating

LaserBond® E-Clad is a high-quality surface engineering break-through product. E-Clad is a metallurgically bonded overlay which replaces hard chrome on …

Revegetation: Reviving damaged soil with EnviroSoil

Revegetation in areas where soils are damaged and highly compacted is often an impossible challenge. So how do we overcome …

Flexco saves coal mine with rivet hinged fastening system

A coal mine in Queensland’s Bowen Basin was losing precious time with a mechanical fastening system, so, Flexco suggested a simple way to save the day.

Case study: Detect and locate pneumatic brake systems

Fluke keeps railway safety on track with the ii900 Acoustic Imager, allowing maintenance technicians to detect the tiniest of leaks or cracks in a pneumatic brake system.

A digital path to more productive, safer and greener mining

Industry must contain the impact of extraction related to CO2 emissions and maintain high safety standards while meeting ever-increasing demands for the minerals that underpin everyday life.

How to increase mine site productivity through Ground Engaging Tools

Getting the correct lip and G.E.T. on your wheel loader can mean a significant increase in overall productivity by eliminating …

Stope mining: Inflatable SlotSure system

Redrilling a slot can often be a difficult, costly and high risk component of mining a stope. There are now emerging technologies to reduce the time lost for preparing the new slot.

Reducing in-shift reporting with AVEVA

A South African mining company has leveraged AVEVA software to centralise operations, consolidate its value chain, and increase situational awareness among three individual mine shafts.

Remote workforce logistics and travel management

In 2019, in Western Australia alone, 2.4 million flights were booked for FIFO workers. For a long time, companies – …

Atlas Copco’s QAC TwinPower generator slashes fuel usage

Atlas Copco understands your need for power, but do your power needs ever change? Enter the QAC TwinPower.

From the ground up: Building a solid data foundation

This whitepaper discusses how mining companies can future-proof against the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and pre-existing market fluctuations.

Mining and metals industries seek stable ground with AI

Even in the most unpredictable markets, mining and metals companies can harness the power of AI to optimise asset performance …

How Emesent Hovermap technology is helping Glencore’s Kidd Operations

How Emesent Hovermap technology is helping Glencore improve convergence and ground control monitoring at Kidd Operations.

From the ground up — building a solid foundation on data

This whitepaper discusses how mining companies can future-proof against the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and pre-existing market fluctuations.

Managing procurement risk and cost during times of uncertainty

Managing global procurement and supply risk and cost in the Resources Sector can be challenging. We live in uncertain times …

Mining and metals industries seek stable ground with AI

Mining and metals companies contend with an unpredictable market and volatile commodities pricing. In response, these companies must increase tonnage …

BlastWeb 4G eliminates downtime due to blasting

Dyno Nobel’s BlastWeb 4G electronic initiation system is an industry leading, centralised blasting system specifically developed for underground blasting.

The incredible bulk: Giving heavy industry a better handle on large loads

This paper provides an insight into how customised carrier solutions from Combilift can address the pain points presented by oversized and heavy parts.

Smart mines embracing digital safety solutions

Advances in digital technology are set to transform safety in the mining industry and equip remote operating centres with better tools and leading-edge analytics to improve the safety of workers in high risk locations. 

Virtual gas power plant minimises emissions for miners

Ora Banda Mining began the process of restarting operations at the Davyhurst gold mine in 2019. As part of the …

Orepass overhead protection system

M2P Engineering designed a modular inflatable orepass overhead protection system (OPS) that included various length modules of five metre, 10 …

Digital for mining in a changing world

This guide to digitalisation discusses how mining organisations can use the sector’s global head start as a springboard for optimisation and improvements.

Improving safety, data and decision-making in deformation monitoring

Constantly seeking safer ways to work underground, Rio Tinto trialled the Hovermap mobile LIDAR scanner to map drive deformation at its Argyle Diamond Mine.

Enhance safety, communication and connectivity with rugged tablets

Efficiency is critical in industries such as mining due to the versatile nature of the jobs performed. So how do you save time, increase productivity, decrease disruptions and downtime, and improve asset utilisation all at once?

Leveraging Vocus hybrid cloud in a time of rapid transformation

Vocus makes hybrid cloud easy by offering network, colocation, private and public cloud solutions that enable you to arrange and connect all your infrastructure equipment.

Easier and safer belt scraper maintenance

The sometimes tricky task of removing a primary or secondary scraper from a conveyor belt for maintenance or replacement has been made a whole lot easier and safer.

RINGSPANN Housing Freewheels: When size does matter?

RINGSPANN recently built its biggest and most high-performance housing freewheel to date for an Asian plant construction company. The extraordinary …

Local mining giant delivers one of the largest Oracle cloud transformations in Australian history

Leading the way in digital transformation, one of Australia’s largest mining and engineering companies was looking closely at its operating …

Smart cloud-based conveyor health monitoring

Aura IQ was designed and tested in partnership by Australia-based, ASX listed Future Fibre Technologies, and leading mining industry research …

Integrated digital operations drive profit, efficiency and sustainability

With mining, minerals, and metals operations often broken down by information silos, getting full visibility can be challenging. Fortunately, a …

How accurately are you tracking payload productivity?

A Queensland-based contracting business that works across the mining, civil and urban sector on-boarded fleet management system (FMS) technology to enhance the company’s operational advantages, identify gaps for improvement, and streamline reporting capabilities.

A new era for mineral sands with CDE Global

The mineral sands mining industry is changing. Resources are becoming depleted and new projects are often in remote and challenging …

Reduce risk of injury: change out G.E.T. without direct human contact

Up to 32% of injuries in surface mining occur due to strenuous movements. One way to reduce this risk is …

PowerFlex Drives for Crane and Hoist Applications

If your work involves cranes, hoists or the lifting of any type of load, you understand the unique challenges posed …

8 Must-Haves for Successful Tech Change Management

As the capital projects industry accelerates its adoption of technology solutions, you cannot afford to get left behind. But before …

Mine Conveyor Backstop Application Guide

Altra Motion Overrunning clutches and backstop brands Formsprag Clutch, Marland Clutch and Stieber improve plant efficiency in heavy industries by …

Tailings dam monitoring: mitigating risk

Although the number of tailings dam failures have generally fallen since the 1960s, the scale and increased capacity of modern tailings dams means the impact and scale of a failure is far more significant. Are you doing enough to monitor your tailings dam effectively? 

Showa Eco Best Technology delivers sustainable gloves

Forty six per cent of global companies said mitigating environmental risks was a main driver for managing resource use and sustainability in 2018 and Showa is no exception.

A ‘drop-in’ heart transplant for heavy industry

SEW-EURODRIVE offer a drop-in replacement solution that significantly reduces downtime and provides immediate benefits in terms of system efficiency and …

Genuine Perkins filters – protecting your diesel engine

Perkins diesel engines are equipped with oil, air and fuel filters to protect them from damage by contaminants and keep them operating efficiently.

Hydraulics, the unknown killer: Proper training key to reducing injuries, fatalities

Hydraulic systems exist in almost every aspect of our lives. This simple system consists of pistons and an oil-filled pipe that is capable of generating a tremendous amount of force, enough to cause permanent disabilities or even death if an accident occurs.

Boost your productivity: A guide to Atlas Copco’s Hurricane high-pressure booster range

Atlas Copco’s Hurricane high-pressure boosters with unique in-house designed pumper block features a small yet powerful footprint that drives down …

Proactive Maintenance: How a solution for all stages of preventative maintenance can optimise uptime in mining

Beware readers, there might be a problem. A train is due to depart from a Pilbara mine site in the …

Mining in Australia: On the edge of change

Discover how the rapid uptake of technology is leading to better decision-making and productivity gains, and how the mining industry must keep pace.

Six ways rugged tablets are changing mining

In the mining industry, rugged tablets are transforming operations by increasing connectivity amongst workers and making information more accurate and immediate.

Case study: Discovering a trunnion bearing fault

A Western Australian gold mine processing plant experienced repetitive failures in a horizontal grinding mill. As it was the most …

Meet the new Cavex 2 hydrocyclone – increasing volumetric capacity up to 30 per cent

The Cavex 2 hydrocyclone marks a new era in separation technology.

Altra Motion Australia’s latest Gear and Grid Couplings

For more than 150 years, Altra Motion has offered one of the largest selections of industrial couplings from a single …

How to integrate technology based reliability across your site with Schaeffler

This webinar includes expert presentations on a condition monitoring solution from Schaeffler called OPTIME. In this webinar you will learn …

Svendborg Hydraulic & Electric Storm Brakes

There are certain investments across the mining industry that are essential to avoid catastrophe. Svendborg’s rail-mounted Storm Brakes are an …

Fifty-seven tailings disasters since 2000

Download this free guide to see the impact of dams and tailings failures across Australia, Canada, the United States, Brazil and more.

Deriving value from the digital transformation of mining equipment

The Australian mining sector is recognised as a global innovator when it comes to mining technology for improving productivity, efficiency, safety and quality across large and diverse fleets.

How a ‘plug and play’ solution provides high-scale condition monitoring at minimal cost for miners

Condition monitoring has been a costly undertaking, and one that has required considerable time and resources to set up, especially …

Safer Scrapers for the mining industry

Access to conveyor belt cleaning equipment can often be awkward and usually requires maintenance personnel to work in confined spaces. …

A blueprint for meaningful innovation in mining

Compared to other industries, business transformation in mining has been slow. However, recent economic and societal change has accelerated the …

ZI Cone Crusher Series: Increasing plant capacity and improving product shape

Production, innovation and efficiency are all a focus in mining. Minprovise outlines the benefits of increasing plant capacity by reducing the recirculating load that occupies usable volume in a circuit.

Mine site rehabilitation

An effective revegetation strategy starts with a comprehensive soil analysis. Only then can a site-specific solution be developed for optimal rehabilitation and soil stabilisation. This case study shows the necessary steps to minimise dust and stabilise soil on batters around a typical mine operation.

Metals, minerals & mining – how can you make your mine a smart mine?

With the fast-paced disruptive nature of technology, there is a need for a solution that evolves with the pace of technology while requiring minimal effort from the companies themselves.

Quick cooling delivery enables innovative mining project to hit targets

PBE Ensham Operations prides itself on being at the forefront of underground automated mining technology, using remote equipment to ensure mine production is delivered efficiently, reliably and most importantly – safely.

Five tips for deciding on electric or diesel dewatering pumps

Atlas Copco’s mobile electric variable speed drive (VSD) air compressors are the ideal solution when working in a low emission zone.

The difference is Differential

Blasthole tagging is a time intensive process, prone to human error and operational delays are common. The ability to automatically …

A guide to best-in-class employee benefits in mining

Attracting and retaining key talent is one of the greatest challenges for mining industry HR leaders. KPMG’s Australian mining risk …

Kirkland Lake Gold case study

Kirkland Lake Gold LTD is a growing gold producer operating in Canada and Australia. KLG produced 974,615 ounces in 2019, …

The intelligent enterprise for the mining industry

Until recently, a lack of pressure on margins and in some cases, a lack of competition, has insulated many mining companies from the volatility that has driven business transformation elsewhere.

Monitoring gaps in axial piston pumps

Pumps are one of the crucial components in industrial process plants. Many types of pumps are available in the market …

Optimising conveyor system performance in heavy industrial applications

Conveying systems are essential to any operation that requires the transport of bulk material. Despite their prevalence, conveyors pose the …

Optimal uptime: How a ‘plug and play’ solution provides high-scale condition monitoring at minimal cost for miners

Condition monitoring has become an essential service to the modern mine – not just as a means to prevent catastrophic …

Rock Drill Solutions and Services

Rock drills are a highly demanding component to design and manufacture. With decades of dedication and engineering work we engineer …

Eight Must-Haves for Effective Field Execution Management

When it comes to getting the most out of field technology on jobsites, there are several factors that come into …

Environmental, health and safety technology overview for the Australian mining industry

In the first quarter of 2021, Australian Mining subscribers were invited to participate in an industry survey with the aim of gaining an understanding of how miners currently capture, analyse and report on Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) to manage risks and improve their operational performance.

Bridging the digitisation gap

Gain insights on how to bridge siloed-project thinking to move to strategic, broader business benefit outcomes from one of Australia’s most successful connectivity transformations.

The original Wichita clutch: Don’t settle for inferior non-genuine replicas

Wichita Clutch manufactures the original heavy-duty clutches and brakes designed to withstand the rigours of a wide range of industrial applications worldwide.

Designing the future mine: How mining and process companies can harness the best of automation technology

While automation has been widely used in mining for decades, it has typically been adopted in silos. This whitepaper discusses why integration is essential to realising the full benefits of automation.

Improve personnel and equipment safety with medium voltage drive solutions

Greater safety levels, along with efficiency and productivity are important factors that contribute towards competitiveness in the mining industry.

Rapid and modular power solution to commission world’s largest stacker

Aggreko’s extensive experience in the mining sector and our presence in the area allowed the company to devise a solution that would meet the stacker power demands at BHP’s South Flank iron ore mine in Western Australia and deploy it rapidly.

How to find the best wear product for your application

With four R&D (research and development) centres in the APAC (Asia Pacific) region for specific product categories and over 100 materials science experts worldwide, Weir Minerals’ comprehensive lab and in-field test knowledge base for various wear-resistant materials in the market goes back for more than 50 years.

Complete submersible dewatering solutions

Atlas Copco’s WEDA electric submersible pumps and accessories are designed for an extensive range of dewatering applications across multiple industries.

Servicing transmissions, a Sandvik speciality

A transmission is an essential part of the mining power train. When it is isn’t working at optimum levels everything is impacted – which is why Sandvik offers an unmatched level of service for transmissions and driveline components, using digital technology to streamline the repair process.

Shark ground engaging tools: get more from your bucket

Shark GETs provide the ultimate protection for your bucket, significantly extending life and reducing costly downtime.

How the dangers of welding fume affect non-welders

In 2017, the International Agency for the Research on Cancer (IARC) reclassified welding fume as carcinogenic.

Digging deeper forces new ERP direction – a success story

Technology plays a critical role in the globalisation of mining. However, making decisions based on technology alone can lead to unsuccessful projects, wasted investments, and often the automation of bad processes.

Providing satellite internet to remotes sites

When you have remote sites, reliable internet connectivity is critical. Vocus provides an affordable satellite option for improving communications to these hard-to-reach places via business nbn satellite.

Building a unified data infrastructure

Most businesses already have a documented data strategy – but only a third have evolved into data-driven organisations or started moving toward a data-driven culture. Read this report about the benefits of a unified data platform.

Improve throughput, quality and uptime with TotaFORCE technology in VFDs 

PowerFlex 755T variable frequency drives from Rockwell Automation, enabled by TotalFORCE technology, help mining applications achieve high performance, reduced downtime and improved quality.

Sensing and success in oil and gas platform

Here are some of the commonly used types of sensors in the Oil and Gas industry and some of the biggest challenges chemical processors face when it comes to using LVDTs, pressure and temperature sensors.

Free guide – six types of tailings storage facilities

The mining industry generally agrees that one area where mining companies need to focus on is the management and monitoring …

Electric vs diesel dewatering pumps

Electric or diesel? When it comes to the choice of power sources, whether for road vehicles or construction equipment, it is a debate that is becoming increasingly prevalent.

Barrick improves EoM reconciliation through autonomous LiDAR tech

Mobile LiDAR scanner Hovermap has demonstrated autonomous flight through a 150-metre high stope, allowing Barrick Gold to accurately assess stope stock volumes without risking the safety of personnel.

Long-term dry hire of machinery here to stay

The growth of Australia’s mining industry has positioned long-term dry hire as a highly attractive option versus purchasing equipment over …

Increase efficiency and mitigate risk with a single source of document truth

In this article, Increase efficiency and mitigate risk With a single source of document truth , you’ll learn how a single source of document truth can increase overall efficiency and help drive project success.

What is the future of mining? Come explore with Honeywell

What is the future of mining and how can you make your mine smart, productive and optimised?

Ploughing through plant commissioning delays

A diverter plough has been installed on one of the newest mine sites in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, helping the operators commission a new processing plant much quicker than they expected.

Next-generation communications, now more accessible

LTE is no longer out of reach for smaller operations. Aqura’s LTE-as-a-service delivers advanced connectivity, scalable opex-friendly costs, and a future-focused foundation to support automation.

How accurately are you tracking payload productivity?

A Queensland-based contracting business that works across the mining, civil and urban sector has on-boarded fleet management system (FMS) technology to enhance the company’s operational advantages, identify gaps for improvement and streamline reporting capabilities.

A guide to air compressor safety in mining

This white paper discusses some key parameters for selecting compressors suited to mining applications and includes expert guidelines on safety criteria for air compressors.

Geared for individual purpose in mining applications

The Generation X.e is not only perfectly suited to heavy industry – these industrial gear units are adapted precisely to the operating and environmental conditions of their particular applications.

Driving digital fleet into the future

Smart asset automation, backed by geospatial intelligence, robotics and machine learning, are rapidly transforming mine operations and the spotlight is on telematics and MICROMINE’s Pitram 5 – one of the world’s leading fully-automated fleet management systems.

Wireless solutions for groundwater monitoring

Groundwater derives from rainwater which permeates through the soil and rocks. It fills up the pores between the sand grains and fissures in rocks. It can remain on the ground for less than a year to millions of years. When the groundwater horizon penetrates the land surface, it will be released as spring and flow into surface water.  

Pitram 5: Driving your digital fleet into the future

Smart asset automation, backed by geospatial intelligence, robotics and machine learning, are rapidly transforming mine operations and the spotlight is on telematics and MICROMINE’s Pitram 5 – one of the world’s leading fully-automated fleet management systems.

Evolution improves Mungari stope design and reconciliation process

Autonomous LiDAR scanning solution Hovermap scans voids at Evolution Mining’s Mungari gold mine in Western Australia, allowing mine personnel to plan and manage stopes more effectively.

How to reduce the total cost of process equipment 

Weir Minerals, manufacturer of Warman pumps, has developed a calculation model to help analyse costs attached to the purchase and operation of a slurry pump over its complete lifecycle. 

Redmap: Evolution Mining case study

Evolution Mining has deployed Pronto Xi via Scope Systems to support the processing of between 9000 and 10,000 invoices per month.

Hybrid electronic initiation technology overbreak trials success

To combat excessive blast overbreak in notoriously challenging ground conditions at two underground mines in the Goldfields of Western Australia, perimeter control products were trialled late last year.

Bearing forward to Industry 4.0 with SKF’s integrated solutions

As the world’s largest bearing manufacturer, SKF is a name synonymous with bearings. The company, however, has long-realised the oncoming impact that Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will have on its business and customers.

Hybrid electronic initiation tech overbreak trials success

Dyno Nobel has trialled perimeter control products to combat excessive blast outbreak in notoriously challenging ground conditions at two underground mines in the Goldfields of Western Australia.

Eight must-haves when purchasing a project document management system

This whitepaper outlines eight key benefits for construction and other capital projects provided by a complete project document management system.

Monitoring braking systems with IIoT solution

Altra Motion’s global brand, Svendborg Brakes, has launched an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution that promises to improve the reliability of brake systems for mining components.

A practical guide to welding fume control

After a four year review and in conjunction with welders, industry professionals and occupational hygienists, Australian Welding Supplies (AWS) has released a guideline to help welders and employers manage the risks posed by welding fume. 

Minprovise solves 8000L fuel issue for mine sites

A major player in the Australian mining scene has approached Minprovise to solve the issue of refuelling in remote areas on site.

Stealing uses for steel

DYNA Engineering’s HDPE (plastic) conveyor guards are providing Australian miners with a sustainable solution for site safety.

Power transmission solutions for vertical lift systems

With over 85 years of experience, Altra Motion provides many critical drivetrain products for shiploaders and port conveyors to meet bulk material handling requirements worldwide.

Customisation, modularisation deliver value to remote Indonesian mine

A remote Indonesian mine has received three McLanahan Feeder-Breakers. The client, a state-owned energy provider and one of the largest coal mining companies in Indonesia, needed robust and reliable feeding and crushing equipment to meet the challenges of their rugged and remote location.

Hybrid systems: The future of mining power

When it comes to power, one way miners can improve efficiency and bottom lines massively is through the implementation of hybrid power.

Webinar: BHP deploys Olympic Dam autonomous drones for greater insights

BHP Olympic Dam’s geotech, geology and engineering teams use drone-based LiDAR data to make better decisions in stope design, orepasses, drawpoints and raises.

SINTAKOTE fittings: Steel pipeline system

Steel pipe is synonymous with strength. In comparison with any other pipe material, steel offers the highest strength, in proportion to wall thickness of any commercial piping material.

Safety Spotlight magazine: Insights for the Australian industry

The October 2020 edition of Blackwoods’ Safety Spotlight explores topics and solutions that are critical to keeping people safe on the worksite.

HDPE: Stealing uses for steel

This white paper discusses how it is now becoming possible to increase the amount of recycled and recyclable plastics used in these new HDPE products, increasing their sustainability.

Building better safety: Engineering advances that benefit the construction industry

Thanks to stringent workplace health and safety (WHS) legislation globally and adherence to safe work practices, instances of workplace injury are trending downward. However, the construction industry is still susceptible to elevated rates when compared with other sectors.

RINGSPANN locking assemblies offer a competitive choice for manufacturers

RINGSPANN shaft-hub connections (include locking assemblies, shrink discs and rigid shaft couplings) are a highly competitive choice for the Australian manufacturers of conveyor pulleys and gear drive systems.

Future-proofing underground operations with fully-automated fleet management

Upgrading from Pitram Voice to the fully automated Pitram Mobile solution was a crucial step in IGO’s quest to future-proof its underground operations. 

Belt cleaning best practices for effective conveyor system maintenance

This white paper discusses some of the best practices in conveyor belt cleaning and maintenance while introducing the latest solutions provided by the ESS engineering team to address the mining industry’s requirements for safe and efficient belt cleaning solutions.

Visualise your mine from anywhere, any time, on any device

COVID-19 has accelerated the need for mines to be able to operate with fewer personnel at site. Remote communication and collaboration are now more important than ever.

Truck volume measurement with LaseTVM

The LaseTVM systems are high precision volumetric bulk material measurement solutions for road trucks or mining trucks.

Discover how OEM spare parts and refurbishments support mining operations

McLanahan supports mineral processing operations with OEM rebuilds and refurbishment services, part optimisations and upgrades and high-quality spare parts to maximise the reliability of equipment while minimising running costs.

Maximising value in stope optimisation and open pit grade control

This paper provides a performance comparison between stope designs that are produced via powerful mathematical programming and those produced for open pits by the industry accepted Lerchs-Grossmann algorithm.

Stick and boom ‘shark bite repair’ of world’s biggest excavator, RH400

This case study has shown the effectiveness and ingenuity of a new procedure used by Minprovise International in the repair and refurbishment of the stick and boom on the world’s biggest excavators, the RH400.

Brakes that stop the nation: A quick guide to the RINGSPANN brakes family

RINGSPANN is a one stop supplier of premium power transmission components for industrial drives. Industrial brakes in the company’s product portfolio offer intelligent braking solutions for energy-efficient stopping, control and holding systems in a variety of industries.

Secondary cleaner improves safety at iron ore site

A busy export hub in Western Australia’s Pilbara region had a constant issue with fine, sticky product adhering to the belt and dripping from the return side along the belt line. 

Svendborg Brakes, the brand of choice for WA mine

Svendborg Brakes was the brand chosen to supply braking solutions for all the conveyors at a large iron ore mining, rail and port project in the Pilbra, Western Australia.

Sika introduces new generation of shotcrete technology

Sika’s new cement hydration stabilising admixture for sprayed concrete, represents the newest generation and cutting-edge technology for tunnelling and mining.

Blackwoods – Helping build a better Australia

Together, Blackwoods is helping build a better Australia.

Machine learning in fleet management systems

AI is quickly becoming a general-purpose technology (GPT) and implementations are occurring throughout the mining value chain. These implementations include underground operations and sites with limited communications infrastructure.

Contingency planning for your mine

Download this resource to see how Aggreko can help you mitigate risks at your mine site.

Global trends in mining equipment and transport logistics

Mining is a complex industry where the stakes are high and the rewards great. It takes meticulous planning and flawless execution in order to succeed, with the logistics chain only as strong as its weakest link.

Leveraging augmented reality for remote technical support

Rockwell Automation has added Live View Support to its TechConnect offering for all customers. Live View Support, powered by FactoryTalk InnovationSuite Vuforia Chalk, enables  remote support engineers to more effectively troubleshoot and resolve issues. 

The extended applications of HazardAvert proximity detection system

Proximity detection systems in mining have been developed and implemented to enhance the safety of miners working in and around mobile machinery. But what about potential dangers associated with fixed equipment that have moving parts?

Next generation Stieber releasable backstops offer improved performance and functionality

Stieber Clutch torque limiting/load sharing backstops with release functionality allow the tension of a jammed mine conveyor belt to be …

High quality locally made pipe solutions for life

Steel pipe is synonymous with strength. In comparison with any other pipe material, steel offers the highest strength, in proportion …

Predictive maintenance playbook from DINGO

This playbook by DINGO looks at what predictive maintenance means and how you can maximise the data you already have, bring all your data into one system, transform your data into actionable intelligence, implement the right process and empower your employees.

Monitoring harmful gases in mines: Are you protected?

The measurement of some gases is complex, each measuring principle has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Live monitoring for underground refuge

Strata Worldwide Emergency Refuge Chambers, coupled with the company’s DigitalBRIDGE communication network, provides a complete safety system for the ultimate mine emergency preparedness.

Improving wear rates with engineered solutions

An iron ore processing facility in Western Australia has worked with its original equipment manufacturer, McLanahan, to optimise the rotary trommels to handle high tonnage and wear rates. 

Loram preventive rail grinding

Regular preventive rail grinding has become the industry best practice to extend rail life. Preventive grinding is accomplished by matching …

HALO: The original industrial LED strip light

HALO is the original Industrial LED strip light and we are celebrating 10 years this year with thousands of meters installed in six continents.

ITM Mining undercarriage: Manufacturing, engineering, technical support

Undercarriage life in abrasive conditions has impacted negatively on the cost per hour, causing customers around the world to look for suppliers who can add value beyond typical undercarriage supplier capabilities.

RINGSPANN couplings and shrink discs: The story so far

Another chapter in our presence in power transmission, design engineering, machine elements, connection technology and machine and plant construction.

Local manufacturing drives 64% YOY sales increase

Thinking customer-first drives competitive advantage for Dyno Nobel’s premium technology. Underpinned by its industry leading experts and the ability to leverage competitive pricing through a global supply footprint, Dyno Nobel’s strategy has led to its market leading position today.

An uninterruptible power source with Aggreko’s virtual power plants

Gas power generation offers a greener and more cost-effective alternative to diesel and HFO, however, not every mine has an existing gas pipeline they can leverage.

Intelligent mining with BELAZ autonomous haul trucks

With a manufacturing history of over 70 years and a dump truck fleet ranging in loading capacities from 30 to 450 tonnes, BELAZ is the latest of the large global dump truck manufacturers to roll out autonomous dump truck systems.

Business intelligence for the physical world: Drone mapping, modelling and analytics solutions

Advances in drone hardware and software have spawned innovations in the way companies monitor and manage physical sites, capital assets and projects.

EAGLE XT Series LED light boasts latest solar panel tech

Innovative Lighting Australia is a distributor for IQ Lighting. One of the latest additions to the product portfolio is the EAGLE XT Series all-in-one solar LED light.

Northern Minerals and business nbn Satellite Service: How Vocus connected a remote mine site with the rest of Australia

Because mine sites are often in remote locations, telecommunications coverage is often limited and unreliable, hampering the business’s need for high-speed data and voice connectivity. This case study demonstrates how Vocus has overcome the challenges of getting an isolated mine site online and how that translated into better outcomes for its workforce.

Bridging the data gap in underground mining

Obtaining accurate and timely production data is critical to mining operations. It enables quick adaptations to plan deviations translating into increased productivity and cost savings.

Thinking customer first drives competitive advantage

Dyno Nobel’s locally manufactured electronic detonator product range has seen strong growth in demand with production increasing by 400 per cent in the past three years at its manufacturing facility in Helidon, Queensland.

The 2020 welding fume and respiratory protection survey

Even with everything that is now known about the dangers of welding fume, only 20 per cent of Australian and New Zealand welders answered “yes” when they were asked if they felt protected from it at work.

The future of mine safety: Lessons, trends and developments

Join Hexagon’s Marcos Bayuelo to learn more about the latest advances in the company’s MineProtect portfolio. As MineProtect portfolio manager, Marcos is committed to helping mines mitigate risks and achieve zero harm. He’ll explain why investing in a comprehensive safety portfolio is the smartest decision a mine can make.

RINGSPANN high and low speed backstops for conveyor applications

RINGSPANN, a leader in the world of mechanical power transmission equipment, showcases why the company is a powerhouse of information when it comes to application guidelines.

Inmarsat launches Tailings Insight to support safer management

Inmarsat has launched Tailings Insight, a new Internet of Things solution for monitoring mining tailings storage facilities. Discover why the award-winning solutions enable safer, faster and more reliable mining operations.

The full guide to tracking assets and materials in the resource industry

The misplacement of items and not being able to locate materials or equipment are common causes for project delays. This white paper highlights the causes for missing items, while identifying the information requirements and benefits of tracking everything effectively.

Key ways to increase safety in mining with rugged tablets

Taking full advantage of digital trends in mining would rely on having access to high-performing devices that are capable of processing large amounts of data efficiently, while remaining portable and rugged enough to be suitable for the demanding mining work environment.

How to optimise logistics in the mining supply chain and gain a competitive edge

The transport and logistics of a mining supply chain can be likened to the arteries and veins in a body – they are vital to any operation. As such, the delivery pathways must be efficient.

Digital Twinning Australia: Case studies

Digital Twinning Australia has risen to the challenge of creating visualisation of critical pit to packing processes for collaborative remote decision making. Download the white paper to find out more.

Minprovise high cube container ice and water room

Minprovise International has proposed to supply, manufacture and commission its mine specification 20-feet high cube ice room container. 

Loram: Substructure maintenance management

Railway tack substructure maintenance management is the process of using railroad resources in order to maintain the track substructure. This process starts with measuring the track condition, evaluating the substructure performance, determining locations in need of maintenance and finding the best solutions.To learn more, download the white paper.

Stay Safe and Productive with iTWOSafe

As the global pandemic continues to impact all industries, physical distancing in the work place plays a critical role in prioritising the well-being of employees while maintaining business continuity.

LASE’s solutions for the mining industry

How much material is on the heap? How high is the flow of material in exact figures? What is the fill level in my wagons? These are just a few questions and requirements of LASE’s customers regarding the applications of its laser scanners and laser-based system solutions.

More safety, less carry back

DYNAFastFit® spray bars designed by DYNA Engineering use a unique design that employs a fully retractable spray bar mounted in a stationary shaft to form a two-part assembly. With the stationary shaft remaining in its location, the spray bar can simply and safely be removed by disconnecting from the water supply and removing two clips. It can then be retracted from the stationary shaft in a matter of seconds.

Industry 4.0 solutions for mobile machines

The industrial world is moving steadily towards Industry 4.0 and embracing the technologies that will define this era.

Digitally enabled reliability: Beyond predictive maintenance in mining

Asset failures are costly and stressful. This is particularly true for mining operations, where a single hour of downtime can …

Dyno Nobel’s premium technology a boost for regional Queensland manufacturing

Demand from customers for Dyno Nobel’s electronic blasting technology is boosting manufacturing in regional Queensland, with the company’s Helidon plant increasing production.

High voltage coupler training: Improve safety, quality and longevity

No technical equipment can perform without correct maintenance and handling. With this in mind, the creation of a helpful course provides a better understanding of product use, design and features.

Load and haul: Stage V engine technology

After announcing the launch of the first Stage V loaders in December 2019, the first Sandvik TH663i truck with the new engine technology is now undergoing an extensive field trial.

Guide to metal 3D printers

Until recently, 3D printing was too immature to be broadly utilised in manufacturing. However, advancement in the last five years has transformed metal 3D printing into a scalable, robust solution.

Energy Solutions for On-Grid Mines

Aggreko has decades of experience providing market leading mobile and modular power, heating and cooling to the mining sector – …

New life for old conveyor pulleys

Pulleys are a heavy duty, consistently running piece of machinery designed to last. But after many years of consistent use, …

Effective belt cleaning: How to make small changes that yield big results

We’ve heard it time and time again. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. So let’s not pretend that installing and maintaining your belt cleaners the same way every time is going to produce a different result.

Ackroyd remains positive about Australian mining’s position during coronavirus

National Group managing director Mark Ackroyd has experienced the mining industry’s record-breaking highs and lows during the past two decades. Australian Mining speaks to Ackroyd about the impact the pandemic will have on the industry.

The rise of IoT in mining

Inmarsat’s mining research report has revealed that the industry is undergoing an IoT revolution.

Reimagine mining networks for Industry 4.0

To boost productivity and profitability while attaining safety and eco-sustainability, mining companies need to reimagine their operation paradigms and embrace new digital innovations and technologies.

HALO lighting solutions for mining

The HALO Portable is a ground-breaking portable lighting innovation by HALO and another world first by the company.

Aqura’s ARC platform for mining exploration

Mining exploration is a nomadic and isolated exercise, placing teams and equipment in remote locations with negligible communications.

MRA’s Smart Stockyard Management System improves mine to port efficiency

MRA has developed the Smart Stockyard Management System that combines smart engineering and leverages the latest control and automation technologies from Rockwell Automation.

Mining and mission-critical wireless connectivity

Nokia looks at the current trends in the automation of mining, the strengths and capabilities of 4.9G/LTE and outline a number of use cases that demonstrate its potential to provide the industrial communications platform for the digital mine of the future.

McLanahan ships second largest rotary wet screen to repeat oil sands customer

McLanahan has designed, engineered, manufactured and delivered a 48-foot-long rotary wet screen to an oil sands customer in Canada.

Six ways rugged tablets are changing logistics and materials handling

Efficiency is critical in industries such as logistics and materials handling that utilise field and warehouse services. So how do …

Blast overbreak reduced by 12 per cent at Australian mine

Dyno Nobel’s latest initiation technology, EZshot LP for underground perimeter blasting, continues its strong uptake by mining customers across Australia.

Stay safe and productive with smart distancing

As the global pandemic impacts the industry, physical distancing on site plays a critical role in prioritising the wellbeing of professionals, as well as maintaining business continuity.

Erizon rehabilitates Hail Creek mine site

In January 2018, Erizon was approach by Rio Tinto to undertake 32.8-hectares of revegetation works for early rehabilitation and soil stabilisation.

The real value of digital transformation for mining and metals companies

Mining, metals and materials companies have increased their investment in automation and technological innovation, embracing new opportunities to improve productivity.

Operator insights on the new Cat D11

One of the first operators in Australia to get in the seat of the new Cat D11 gives his insights into the evolution of Caterpillar’s largest and most imposing track type tractor.

Printing complex parts with Markforged Technology

A 3D printer has helped engineers and designers by providing a new and complementary way to make prototypes and production parts.

Live connectivity for emergency refuge chambers

Strata Worldwide Emergency refuge chambers, coupled with the company’s DigitalBRIDGE communication system, establish digital connectivity for remote monitoring and communication.

Creating value from IoT and analytics in mining

This white paper by Nokia looks at the role these Industry 4.0 technologies are playing in the digital transformation of the mine and the use of IoT and analytics across a number of
specific mining use cases

Computing around AI and autonomous vehicles in mining

There have been significant advances in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous vehicles in the industry, with segments such as the mining and resources sector pioneering the implementation of this technology in Australia.

Pathways to an economically sustainable hydrogen industry in Australia

As Australia transitions to a low-emissions energy future, there is vast potential for a new industry in hydrogen, building on our national technological advantages, export capabilities and strong relationships with key international energy markets.

RINGSPANN: A one-stop-shop for mechanical power transmission products

This article discusses RINGSPANN freewheels of the FXM series, which offer a low maintenance, ‘fit and forget solution’ on industrial drive trains.

Loram solution improves effectiveness of shoulder ballast cleaning

Shoulder ballast cleaning is a cost-effective alternative to improve track performance and restore drainage. 

Concept Environmental Services saves on nickel tailings

This white paper shows the installation of two Concept Environmental Services tanks at a nickel recovery operation in Western Australia.

Save capital, fast track projects with modular power plant

Mining companies are under great financial pressure as a result of fluctuating demand and uncertainty around commodity prices, so the need to improve efficiency across all operational aspects of a mine site is mission critical.

Loram vacuum excavation technology for ballast and grade remediation

Vacuum excavation is the most effective means of removing fouled ballast from specialty trackwork.

CRC Clear Zinc: A clear leader in protection

CRC Clear Zinc’s advanced protective coating technology protects surfaces from chemical, environmental and ultraviolet damage, preventing rust, oxidation, corrosion, staining and fading for up to 27 months.

Driving ultimate operational efficiency

REMA Tip Top is a leading supplier of products and services designed to extend the life and increase the availability of key mining systems and equipment.

Communications, tracking, and mine monitoring with StrataConnect MC2

The StrataConnect MC2 is an underground personnel communication and location tracking device that operates on the StrataConnect wireless mesh network – formally known as Strata CommTrac.

How Going Mobile Can Optimise Your Mine

Upgrading from a voice-based fleet management system to an automated mobile solution enables mine managers to gain critical efficiencies across their site, resulting in a positive effect on their operations bottom line.

The future of technology in mining at a glance

OSIsoft surveyed over 100 C-level, executives and directors from the top companies to understand not only their challenges on technology but most importantly their perspectives on the future.

Erizon rehabilitates Kanmantoo mine site

An effective revegetation strategy starts with a comprehensive soil analysis. Only then can a site-specific solution be developed for optimal rehabilitation and soil stabilisation. This case study shows the necessary steps to minimise dust and stabilise soil on batters around a typical mine operation.

Gas monitoring solutions in underground mining environments

Whenever a new site for an underground mine is opened, one of the primary concerns remains the ventilation inside the mine.

How to ensure on-time contractor delivery with AWP

Read this article which explores how AWP helps contractors improve productivity, increase predictability and reduce costs.

Sandvik connected crushing for your mining operation

Sandvik CH890i and CH895i are technologically advanced, high-capacity cone crushers designed for crushing applications in mines or large sized quarries.

Cloud solution versus on-premise solution

Numerous companies these days are faced with a dilemma when it comes to the question of whether a cloud or …

Shaping the use of technology in mining

To take a snapshot of the state of the mining sector’s use of IT today, OSIsoft commissioned Aspermont Media and Mining Magazine to survey companies and analyse their responses to a poll on how they are using and viewing technology today.

The investor mining and tailings safety initiative: What’s next?

2019 witnessed the devastating failure of Brazil’s Brumadinho’s tailing dam which took 250 people’s lives. Download this free webinar to find out about the Investor Mining and Tailings Safety Initiative.

Why data modernisation matters and how to get started

For most enterprises, data estates are a patchwork of legacy solutions, multiple line-of-business applications, cloud-hosted systems and partially-integrated data stores. Data modernisation is about turning the massive volumes of data in your business into bottom-line results.

Outsourced recruitment: A proven approach to ramp up worker headcount

Adaptive Resourcing offers recruitment process outsourcing to companies in mining. It does not have to be a large contractually exhausting, expensive piece of over-complex process and procedure. Adaptive Resourcing offer miners a fast, efficient and inexpensive solution to meet the demands of a rapid increase in headcount.

Comparing HDPE conveyor guards with traditional steel-made alternatives

This white paper discusses the pros and cons of switching from steel conveyor guards to those made out of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

Newcrest Case Study Mining firm uses digital IoT and data science to cut downtime, reduce costs

One persistent challenge for Newcrest, which operates gold and copper mines in Australia, has been working to overcome is how …

Lokset Advance – Improving resin bolting

Modern high productivity mining is striving for almost uninterrupted and cost-effective production. Resin bolting has become widely adopted in underground …

XXL SHEDS: Excellence through innovation, not imitation

XXL SHEDS have secured an innovation patent on its SMRT hybrid design portal frame system, which ensures that XXL SHEDS can reduce the costs of larger building without compromising engineering integrity when designing and constructing larger buildings.

Minprovise’s transport frame innovation reduces lead times

Minprovise has proudly designed, engineered and delivered over 272 industry compliant transport frames to date, with 161 of these being customised to client-specific requirements.

New 3M Speedglas heavy-duty powered air welding helmet G5-01

The new 3M Speedglas heavy-duty welding helmet G5-01 with Adflo PAPR gives professional welders the ultimate in comfort, protection and adaptability.

Changing the negative perception of cyanide in tailings

The following paper describes the ReCYN™ Process from PT Green Gold Engineering, which can help change the negative perception of cyanide in gold plant processing while substantially improving the economics of its use.

The first full conveyor IoT solution

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) has already begun to change the way the mining industry operates through automation and remote …

World-first twin wire MIG solution redefines high deposition welding

While heavy fabrication welding is in high demand, the pressure to cut costs and increase productivity are constant challenges for companies operating within this sector.

Six Ways Rugged Tablets are Changing Mining

As the mining industry transitions into production and capital expenditure falls off, efficiency is now critical. How do you save …

Four best best practice tips for estimating and managing capital projects

In my world, I’m often asked for a list of “best practices” when estimating or managing a capital project. Here are some thoughts, based on personal experience and discussions I’ve had with other folks in the industry. 

Conveyor performance: How to optimise belt tracking systems and prevent downtime

This white paper discusses the causes of belt mistracking and provides an insight into how to identify the causes, and which devices or systems can be used to prevent mistracking.

Pacific Hydraulics hydrostatic booklet

Want to learn more about hydrostatics? Our booklet covers closed loop pumps and motor information, and basic operation such as hydrostatic transmission, hydrostatic schematics and more.

The PI System Enables Sustainable Operations at Goldstrike

In 2015, Barrick Gold produced approximately 6.12 million ounces of ore with more than 75% production coming from the Americas …

Analysing the suitability of metal-cored wire in welding

When matched with the right applications, metal-cored wire welding is a solution that provides a number of productivity and time-saving benefits.

Greater accuracy through benchmarking

Perhaps you’re an estimator who’s tried to use historical data to develop more accurate estimates. You’ve been plugging in some pricing and cost benchmarks, but you’re still not seeing the desired results. Read “A 4-Step Action Plan to Start Benchmarking Your Data” and learn to estimate with greater accuracy.

Top challenges facing the mining industry

Aggreko’s new e-guide explores some of the top challenges currently facing the mining industry.

Ensuring productivity and protection in surface and underground mining

From monitoring gas levels and air quality in mines to protection from collisions for large vehicles at mine sites, SICK …

ABB white paper: The ROI of Digitalisation

For much of the industrial world, the old way of working isn’t working so well anymore. The traditional productivity and …

Rugged surveillance and in-vehicle computing for mining

The right controller solution is essential for effective monitoring on mine sites. Power over Ethernet-based camera set-ups represent an increasingly popular option, offering ruggedness, high performance and flexibility benefits.

Industry 4.0: Industrial internet of things (IIoT) and Predictive Analytics

The industrial world is on the verge of entering the next revolution: Industry 4.0. This is going to change control systems architecture, systems connectivity and sensors as we know it today.

Gas monitoring solutions in underground mining environment

The presence of flammable and toxic gases inside an underground mine can bring upon several health-related issues to the on-site workers.

Thickener vs clarifier: what’s the difference?

Thickeners and clarifiers are both used to separate solids and liquid, but how do they differ? Simply put, thickeners focus on the settled solids, and clarifiers focus on the clear overflow liquid.

Essential guide to benefits in mining and resources

Attracting and retaining employees is a challenge for most industry sectors. In mining and resources, where demand for skills is …

Convert project closeout into future project success

Quick question: how many phases are there in a project? Theory states five: concept, planning, execution, performance monitoring and closeout. …

Lokset®: A history of reliability

Today polyester resin anchors are used almost exclusively in the underground coal mining industries around the world, when rockbolts are …

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair: The Complete Guide

Hydraulic cylinders are some of the most hardworking components in any operation. We ask a lot of these simple actuators. …

How AI + HI Drives More Realistic Plans

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being utilised in construction project planning. But human intelligence (HI) is an equally important element in creating more realistic and achievable plans. Read our brochure and learn how AI + HI can boost a planner’s confidence in on-time, on-budget project delivery.

Mobilaris Onboard™ enables real-time information for everyone in the mine

Can you find your way? If you are an experienced miner, you can probably find your way most of the …

Replacing crusher nuts and bolts with safety and productivity as paramount

Since the development of the Gyratory Crusher, Mineral Processing Industries have sought better means to effectively and safely replace/tighten crusher …

A Better Way to Manage Project Documents

As capital and maintenance projects become more complex, so does the amount of documentation connected to those projects. The number …

Designing explosion rated ventilation seals for coal mines

It is a universally recognised principle of underground coal mine safety that there must be proper ventilation of the mine.

How are you managing your tailings dam?

The volume of tailings release due to dam failure has been trending upwards since the 1970s, with quantities of material released reaching an average of over three million cubic meters per failure since 2010.

How to effectively test your test leads

Test leads are more than a means to connect your digital multimeter (DMM) to the unit under test—they’re an integral part of the complete measurement system. Poorly made, worn, or under-rated test leads can cause inaccurate readings and may pose a serious shock or electrocution hazard if you touch live wires that the meter has read as being de-energized.

Mobilaris Mining & Civil Engineering empowers people in mining operations

Good communication is key to an efficient production chain. The new products from Mobilaris are set to give everybody in the mine access to real-time information.

South Australia quarry decreases maintenance time, increases productivity with Flexco solution

Are you struggling to find a solution to properly equip your load zone? Read all about how this South Australian site was able to do so.

How digital tools can improve job site productivity

Saddled with inefficient tools and processes as you plan and execute work? Maybe you need a more efficient way to communicate between the office and the field.

CRC Smartwasher: Heavy duty clean and green

The SmartWasher® Bioremediating Parts Washing System is both self-cleaning and deregulated. Through the process of bioremediation the SmartWasher® constantly maintains …

Achieving production efficiency and profitability in O&G with future-proof solutions

There is only one certainty in the oil and gas industry, and that is change. The sector faces many challenges …

Optimising conveyor system performance in heavy industry applications

Conveying systems are essential to any operation that requires the transport of bulk material. Despite their prevalence, conveyors pose the …

Securing industrial systems in a digital world

This whitepaper will share insights to enhance your understanding of how governance, technology and business requirements intersect.

Breathing quality air underground

It is critical to maintain an effective, safe and efficient ventilation system in an underground coal mine. Ventilation control devices (VCDs) play an essential role in mine operations and safety.

Five best practices for big data and mining maintenance

The knowledge and practices developed throughout the course of a mining career are helpful when it comes to identifying useful data and applying it to produce better results.

OceanaGold increases efficiency with greater document control

OceanaGold, a multinational gold producer, needed a way to efficiently manage the thousands of documents created each year to support its mining activities.

Five things to look at when buying a rugged smart device

In our modern world technology is inescapable, and in no place is it more vital than industry. Be that in …

Calculating the cost of electricity: It’s time to cut through the noise

Lower cost energy is a priority for energy purchasers and businesses worldwide. As demographic change and decarbonisation drive transformation across the globe, the need for cost-effective, clean and efficient energy is a higher priority than ever before.

Sensing and success in oil and gas

Monitoring, maintenance and meeting strict standards are all important parts of operating in oil and gas.

Total cost of ownership: Assessing application specific spherical roller bearings

This white paper discusses the attributes and benefits of application specific spherical roller bearings for vibratory applications by FAG, Schaeffler’s premium performance brand, from a total cost of ownership standpoint.

How to repair damaged conveyor belts in under an hour

Due to the harsh conditions of on-site locations and abrasive nature of the materials handled, conveyor belts are subject to regular wear damages of holes and tears.

The fatal consequences of nearly getting drop prevention right

Target: Zero Drops moves your business from initial awareness to ongoing results management and everything in between.

The Silver Coconut: Carbon versus precipitation for high silver ores

Whenever flowsheets are considered for treatment of silver ores, the conventional approach is in favour of a Merrill-Crowe processing circuit rather than CIL/CIP. 

HazardAvert® Proximity Detection for Coal Mining

HazardAVERT® – A safety technology for the prevention of machinery related accidents. HazardAvert has become the most globally accepted proximity …

Talk about a revolution: Bearing forward to Industry 4.0 with integrated solutions

This white paper details how companies can achieve optimal Rotating Equipment Performance (REP) through a performance-based model.

Unlock your productivity gains to make fact-based decisions

This white paper discusses six reasons to adopt the 365 My Sandvik Digital Service Solutions portfolio: • Standardized solutions for …

Eliminate fusion: Victaulic’s groundbreaking method to join HDPE pipe

What if there was a faster, more economical, more efficient, easier and safer method to join HDPE pipe? Victaulic has …

Kal Tire’s journey with mining tyre recycling and legislation in Chile

Four years ago, Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group committed to developing a tyre recycling solution for customers in Chile, home …

Real-time maintenance: The bridge to predictive maintenance

The healthy functioning of machinery is at the core of all industries. While maintenance is essential, the approach to maintenance is evolving to become more efficient.

Future of mining: Fad technology or practical innovation?

On the back of US success and rollout to major Australian sites, a new practical innovation is producing results that are making waves across the industry.

The key to good fleet management: Rugged in-vehicle computers

Fleet managers will need to have a good management system in place that will give them up-to-date information on a vehicle’s condition, such as its loading capability, fuel efficiency, various performance indicators and its service record.

Repair options simplified

Every component repair has its own unique set of circumstances. That’s why Hastings Deering is simplifying Component Repair Options to help choose the right option to suit your needs.

Don’t walk, weld: The overarching benefits of ArcReach technology

This white paper discusses the attributes and benefits of Miller’s remote control welding technology through welding cable.

Future of Mining: Fad technology or practical innovation?

On the back of US success and rollout to major Australian sites, a new practical innovation is producing results that …

Australian coal mining: Making strides in safety

Strata Worldwide is pleased to have accomplished the first ever application of proximity detection on underground shuttle cars in an Australian coal mine.

No point of failure: Innovation and convergence in mining communications

Much like the strata of rock visible in a mine, modern mining communications rest on layers of communications technologies, introduced over time to improve the safety, efficiency, and productivity of mining operations.

Rema Edge brings real-time condition monitoring to conveyors

Rema Tip Top has recently launched Rema Edge, which promises to change the way mine operators manage their conveyor assets.

Efficient and intelligent solutions on conveyor belts: SICK makes work easier

Measurement and sensor technology from SICK monitors, controls, and optimise industrial conveyor systems in a wide range of sectors. This …

New air cannon: Safer and more effective solution for bulk material build-up

Available in both internal and external value arrangements, ESS engineers have designed a new tank and valve that can be retrofitted onto any previously installed valve arrangement – an industry first.

How to recover 85% or more process water for reuse

Reclaiming process water for reuse can help alleviate maintenance tasks or permitting issues. Implementing a tiered approach to handling tailings streams can help with water management at sites.

Mining Matters podcast: Common issues with conveyor transfer chutes

The second Flexco Mining Matters podcast features conveyor transfer chutes specialists Mark Anderson and Paul Klowss. Mark and Paul talk …

Discover Advancements in Geotechnical Engineering Seminar – 2 August 2019

DATE 2 August 2019 VENUE Rydges Sydney Central, 28 Albion St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010  TIME 9:00am – 4:30pm COST …

Utilising a virtual pipeline of LNG to create a gas power station for an underground mine

Due to the isolated location of the mine site, the decision was made to install a standalone power station to …

Getting started with industrial digital transformation

In today’s complex, hyper-connected, increasingly globalised world, successful business leaders need accurate, real-time access to operational data to support better …

Rema Edge brings real-time condition monitoring to conveyors

The Internet of Things (IoT) has already begun to change the way the mining industry operates through automation and remote …

Handling the pressure with VEGA’s latest transmitter series

Pressure transmitters used to measure pressure in gases, vapours and liquids are an essential component of many industrial processes.

Sandvik MD Bolt: Reliable Ground Enforcement

A safer, easier-to-install ground reinforcement solution has improved cycle times and helped a major mining services provider exceed ambitious development …

Conveyor performance: How to optimise belt tracking systems and prevent downtime

This white paper discusses the causes of belt mistracking and provides an insight into how to identify the causes, and which devices or systems can be used to prevent mistracking.

Providing pump solutions to Australian mining for over 50 years

The team at Malcolm Thompson Pumps (MTP) know a thing or two about mining. They have been servicing the mining industry for over 50 years and are proud to have extensive experience within underground and open pit mines.

Tracking and location systems – one part of digitising a mine

Since the first installation in 2004, MST Global has supplied tracking and Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) to over 100 underground mines.

Ensure consistent operations and mineral recovery with machine learning

Enhance mine-to-mill-to-metal operations with cutting-edge technologies that drive production increases, cost savings and increased safety for employees, the community and …

PC-based control as an integrated solution for automation and process technology

With the introduction of specific solutions for the process technology market, Beckhoff is not merely introducing new components, but bringing …

The energy transition: Addressing the challenge in mining

The energy transition touches every industry or sector, and with BP reporting that renewable energy is now the fastest-growing energy source, there is a clear move towards decarbonisation.

The importance of welding fume protection in the workplace

The operation of welding fume control equipment is affected by various factors including proper use and positioning of the equipment, maintenance of the equipment, and the specific welding procedure and application.

The top three recommended sensors for the mining industry

Mining companies are embarking on the transformation journey towards the digital era and sensors are one of the integral components that mining companies have to invest in for that purpose.

Creating the mine of the future: Drive profits and increase production

Do you have the right tools to intelligently mine? Enhance mine-to-mill-to-metal operations with cutting-edge technologies that drive production increases, cost …

Stalker Super Heavy Dry Pump: The right solution for underground mining

In late 2017, Malcolm Thompson Pumps (MTP) supplied a Stalker Super Heavy Duty (SHD) Pump to Murray Engineering for use on an underground mining site in Kambalda, Western Australia.

Strata Worldwide HazardAvert lowers risk for underground miners

The inherent hazards of working underground – poor visibility, restricted space and high traffic areas with machines and pedestrians working in close proximity – create high risk for accidents.

Five things to look at when buying a rugged smart device

The following whitepaper from Backplane Systems Technology (BST) lays out five things to look out for when buying a rugged smart device.

The key to good fleet management: Rugged in-vehicle computers

For optimal fleet management, rugged in-vehicle computers are the key. With real-time updates on vehicle and equipment status, increased safety, …

Top four myths about predictive maintenance in the mining industry

Dingo addresses four of the biggest myths about predictive maintenance in the mining industry.

How can mines realize affordable, reliable, low-carbon power?

Join mining, renewables, hydrogen, government and finance experts this June 18-20 at the Westin Perth for the 3rd annual Energy …

Non-contact transport solutions for conveyor systems

Managing bulk materials nonstop comes with a mountain of challenges, especially in harsh environments. This white paper discusses the intelligent …

The Connected Mine: Free white paper download

The mining industry faces a myriad of challenges: volatile commodities markets, changing legislation and environmental pressures, in addition to the …

Why ESS’s new Air Cannon systems are a real blast

The build-up of materials in bulk storage systems is a common bulk materials handling issue. Air Cannons are pressure vessels …

Hydraulics the unknown killer: Proper training is the key to reducing injuries and fatalities

Hydraulic systems can be found in almost every aspect of life. Yet, based on statistical results, many people, including those …

Dyno Nobel: Big bang innovation

Blasting expert Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific entered 2018 with a renewed focus on practical explosive technology.

Handling the pressure with VEGA’s latest transmitters

Pressure transmitters used to measure pressure in gases, vapours and liquids are an essential component of many industrial processes. These transmitters are often used to warn engineers of drastic changes in pressure, identifying issues before they can become serious problems.

Six ways rugged tablets are changing mining

According to PR Newswire’s Global Rugged Tablet Market – Forecasts from 2017 to 2022 report, there is increasing uptake of mobile technologies by industry.

How PC-based control seamlessly combines automation and process technology

This white paper discusses how an integration of two automation concepts in the process technology market could provide companies with …

Detect and prevent costly conveyor belt damage

CONTI® MultiProtect monitors the belt continuously as a permanent installation, analysing the magnetic characteristics of the conveyer belt and alarming …

Keeping conveyor belts on track

When a conveyor belt is not properly aligned it can rub and wear against the surrounding structures which eventually results …

Insight core: Turning welding data into dollars

There are many reasons why companies want to improve the productivity or quality of their welding operations, but real improvements aren’t achievable without quality data.

Innovation and convergence in mining communications

Much like the strata of rock visible in a mine, modern mining communications rest on layers of communications technologies, introduced over time to improve the safety, efficiency and productivity of mining operations.

Improving haul road conditions: ‘You see an immediate effect’

When it comes down to it, there are two reasons why mining customers have to replace tyres: wear rate and …

DYNA Engineering offers a unique solution for conveyor carryback

Dyna Engineering recognises the importance of keeping conveyor belts clean in order to ensure good working operation and productivity are maintained.

Australia is poised for a new era of mining growth

In the wake of the mining downturn, the industry has recovered to re-affirm its place as a major driver of …

Capturing the Industry 4.0 payoff in mining

Industry 4.0’s principles have much to offer the mining sector in regards to interoperability, information transparency, decentralised decision making and technical augmentation.

McLanahan delivers feeder breaker, DDC sizers to Queensland coal mine

In early 2018, McLanahan Corporation delivered three stages of crushing equipment to Byerwen Mine on behalf of one of its long-term customers.

The digital mine: How to implement predictive maintenance

This white paper discusses how a mining company can benefit from actionable data, namely in an operation’s approach to maintenance and asset management.

Delivering the impossible

Malcolm Thompson Pumps’ dedicated engineering and design team worked to a tight deadline of five working days to design, manufacture and supply a custom built ISO Pump for a Newcastle-based mining services company.

Conveyor performance: How to optimise belt tracking systems and prevent downtime

This white paper discusses the causes of belt mistracking and provides an insight into how to identify the causes, and which devices or systems can be used to prevent mistracking.

DigitalBRIDGE: Power and high-speed data for the underground mine

Strata Worldwide’s DigitalBRIDGE, powered by RFI Technology Solutions, is a point-to-multipoint Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) digital network for underground applications. It delivers …

Intov8 takes tech to the core of the mine site

Software company Intov8 is set to keep pace with the industry’s continued automation push in 2019 with its flagship Corvus software.

Severe tonnages – No match for heavy-duty impact beds

Flexco partnered with SIMEC mining in South Australia to bring together a case study outlining the solutions which helped the facility combat their excessive iron ore spillage levels.

A guide to hydraulic hoses and coupling

While the success of a hydraulic fluid conveyance system weighs heavily on its design, the assembly of the fluid lines is just as important to the longevity and success of the system.

Minprovise grows site service capabilities twofold in just one year

The Western Australia-based product, services and engineering provider has grown consistently and progressively since being established in 2004 and its commitment to site service is just the latest example of this.

Strata’s Hazard Avert leads the way in safety

With close range, confined areas and machinery traveling in reverse all proven to have the highest rate of accidents; Strata Worldwide’s HazardAvert has been designed to excel in these environments.

Forget the copper, go for gold

The cyanide soluble copper contained in gold/copper ores has often been the Achilles’ heel in making these particular projects economic. It has been a headache for geologists and metallurgists alike.

Achieving greater efficiency in mobile dust suppression

Malcolm Thompson Pump’s understand that boosting water cart efficiency is an important factor for any mine site. The Stalker ISO Hydraulic Driven Water Cart series of pumps is designed to eliminate pump/motor misalignment as well as reduce service times and the costs associated with repairs and maintenance.

Outstanding results with the latest in radar level measurement technology

Level measurement is a fundamental process in almost all industries. As production processes become increasingly complex it’s more important than …

CRC Bio Degreaser: Uncompromised performance and safety

CRC BIO DEGREASER is an extra heavy duty cleaner formulated to penetrate and dissolve tough grease, oil and contaminants for …

The new Speedy bit: Get more out of your work day

With up to 10 per cent higher drilling speed, the new Speedy bit is faster than any other bit in the …

Conveyor safety: Prevent injury and increase productivity

Conveyors in the mining industry can pose a series of safety hazards, especially when unguarded. While safety levels have improved over the last decade, injuries and fatalities can still occur.

Carcinogenic reclassification from an Australian perspective

The recent reclassification of welding fume as carcinogenic by the International Agency for the Research on Cancer (IARC) has encouraged many welders and workplaces to rethink their stance on welders’ respiratory protection and welding fume.

Mobile automation: Sensor solutions for construction and mining machines

With industry knowledge and a wide sensor-technology portfolio, SICK is the ideal partner for providing sensor solutions for mobile machines. …

PitBull – The toughest hose reel designed with safety in mind

Many Australian mining companies and contractors have moved to Pit Bull hose reels for its rugged construction and user safety that was designed for the Australian mining industry.

The hybrid supply chain for mining

Learn how to align your KPIs across the entire value chain. In this video, AVEVA’S Global Business Development Manager, Ammar Wahab, …

Mining cost savings: Small details make a big difference

Mining is a costly business. The equipment alone is worth millions, not to mention the daily costs associated with operating a mine …

Sensors Role for Mining in Digital Era

Emerging Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology have had a profound impact on the mining industry. The role of sensors …

Bestech announces release of “durable” elastrometric capacitive sensor

Partnering with ElastiSense, Bestech Australia is pleased to announce the introduction of its hyper-elastic elastrometric displacement sensor (EDS) series to our comprehensive product range.

Martabe mine has potential $US126.9m upside using ReCYN process

Recently published data has shown that the application of ReCYN technology at the Martabe mine in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia, demonstrated a $US126.9M upside to the company.

3M fit testing offer for respiratory protection

For a limited time, 3M is offering an exclusive discount on fit testing to make it easier to access its premium respiratory products.

Epiroc’s cabletec technology: two-in-one drilling and bolting – medium and large profile rigs

Ground support is essential in an underground mine. Advances in technology and the creation of smart equipment has seen cable …

Epiroc launches compact profile Cabletec M

Epiroc’s compact two-in-one Cabletec M cable bolting and drill rig for 4.5 x 4.5 profiles has just become available on the Australian market.

Maintaining Momentum: OTR Tyre/Wheel

Getting the fleet up and running is one thing. Keeping it that way while avoiding pitfalls, overcoming challenges and being cognisant of risks and problem prevention? That requires proven strategies, advanced technology and the support of trusted, dedicated Bridgestone Mining Solutions Australia professionals.

Total cost of ownership: Assessing application specific spherical roller bearings

This white paper discusses the attributes and benefits of application specific spherical roller bearings for vibratory applications by FAG, Schaeffler’s premium performance brand, from a total cost of ownership standpoint.

Belt tracking solution massively reduces downtime

Belt mis-tracking is an all-too-common occurrence that can have a dramatic effect on unscheduled downtime for mine operators.

Handling the pressure with VEGA’s latest transmitters

Pressure transmitters used to measure pressure in gases, vapours and liquids are an essential component of many industrial processes.

Proximity detection systems now crucial for operating a safe mining site

Strata Worldwide, a global leader in mine safety innovation, has been working internationally and locally to improve safety in the mining industry through advanced technologies including proximity detection systems.

Bridgestone OTR Repairs

Bridgestone has been specialising in OTR tyre repairing for over 20 years, evolving repair quality and performance standards to closely match the original functionality of the OTR tyre prior to damage.

Epiroc’s Mobilaris: Google maps for the underground mine

Navigating the underground mine is challenging  – but it’s a lot easier when you have vision. Through Epiroc, Australian mining companies …

Six ways rugged tablets are changing mining

As the mining industry transitions into production and capital expenditure falls off, efficiency is now critical. How do you save …

Don’t walk, weld: The overarching benefits of remote control technology ‘ArcReach’

Every time a welding operator pauses their work on a weld joint to walk to a power source and change the settings, they lose time, which translates to a loss of productivity. This white paper discusses the attributes and benefits of Miller’s remote control welding technology, ArcReach.

Don’t walk, weld: The overarching benefits of remote control technology ‘ArcReach’

This white paper discusses the attributes and benefits of Miller’s remote control welding technology, ArcReach.

Optibelt Red Power 3 v-belts close the door on re-tensioning

Optibelt is making waves with its low-stretch, maintenance-free Red Power 3 v-belts. Once set up and fitted correctly, Red Power 3 doesn’t require re-tensioning, saving time and money.

Optibelt Red Power 3 v-belts close the door on re-tensioning

Optibelt is making waves with its low-stretch, maintenance-free Red Power 3 v-belts. Once set up and fitted correctly, Red Power 3 doesn’t require re-tensioning, saving time and money.

The power to excel in mining and materials handling

Staying ahead takes machines that are more than just heavy-duty. It takes the right combination of power, control and protection for specific tasks and requirements.

Dealing with coal data complexity with Geobank 2018

Geobank caters for energy commodities such as coal, uranium and coal seam gas and offers a vast range of tools to deal effectively with the complexity of energy data sets.

Australia’s mining industry has the safest and lowest cost off-the-road wheel performance in the world

The above statement may appear bold, but it is a situation that has been achieved by an industry uniquely invested in off-the-road (OTR) wheel safety for the past 35 years.

Modular transportable electrical switchrooms

Ampcontrol has supplied modular electrical switchrooms to every industry and environment.

Sealing the deal: preventing fluid leakages in industrial components

Conventional solid-gaskets present limitations in the prevention of fluid leakage between metal flange surfaces. Henkel’s Loctite 518 pen provides a liquid seal that can help manufacturers cut costs and avoid damaging leaks.

Modular Transportable Electrical Switchrooms

Ampcontrol has supplied modular electrical switchrooms to every industry and environment. From open cut mines, processing operations and infrastructure projects, …

Improving the resource estimation process with Micromine 2018

Micromine 2018 includes a dedicated resource estimation module with integrated block model tools that can help make the resource estimation process easier for users.

Optibelt Red Power 3 v-belts close the door on re-tensioning

Optibelt is making waves with its low-stretch, maintenance-free Red Power 3 v-belts. Once set up and fitted correctly, Red Power 3 doesn’t require re-tensioning, saving time and money.

Sandvik 3 Pillar Framework: How mining automation culture benefits business

A framework that provides efficient monitoring and accurate reporting of data, smart management systems and intelligent machines equipped with automation systems like Sandvik’s AutoMine® and OptiMine®.

AVEVA: The digital mining transformation

Download AVEVA’s latest E-book to learn how they are helping some of the largest mining companies in every aspect of their digital transformation journey.

CARMA in action: a case study

We are constantly challenging the status quo, looking for innovative solutions to deliver to our customers. This can be achieved …

Improving site efficiency with wireless monitoring

Bestech Australia explains how integrating wireless sensor technologies bring positive values to the mining company.

Don’t walk, weld: The overarching benefits of remote control technology ‘ArcReach’

Every time a welding operator pauses their work on a weld joint to walk to a power source and change the settings, they lose time. Which translates to a loss of productivity. This ‘stop and start’ process also affects the quality of the weld as the welding operator loses focus and increases the need for revision. In addition to this there is the question of safety, particularly when it comes to multi-storied, busy job sites.

Minprovise reveals EziTite hydraulic head nut at CMIC

Minprovise has revealed its new EziTite hydraulic head nut at the 2018 Construction Materials Industry (CMIC) event in Sydney.

The ReCYN™ Process — Changing the negative perception of cyanide

The following paper describes a development known as the ReCYN™ Process from PT Green Gold Engineering, which can help change the negative perception of cyanide in gold plant processing and, at the same time, substantially improve the economics of its use.

How the resources sector is harnessing the power of digital communication

Faced with falling revenue and profits, the mining industry has turned to technology changes driven by today’s communications revolution to grow their future business.

Rio Tinto recognises Minprovise for their site safety improvements

MINPROVISE, throughout years of specialist support, maintenance and shutdowns to the Mining, Oil & Gas and Construction industries, have always …

How proper training is the key to reducing hydraulics safety incidents

Based on statistical results, many people are still unaware of the severity of the hazards resulting from wrong handling procedures in hydraulics, even among those working directly in the field.